How To Invest In Real Estates – For Dummies

How To Invest In Real Estates – For Dummies

Real estate investment is the only investment capitalist like me don’t joke with. This investment doesn’t depreciate

rather, increases as years roll by.


Simply put, real estate investment is when you put your money in landed property

and allow it to grow your money in the future. That is, you put your money, then sit back and watch mind-blowing

figures jump into your bank account. It’s as easy as that.


This investment is as easy as the word. Major real estate investors will agree with me that investing in real estate is

like playing the game, monopoly. The only difference is that in life, you invest with real money which is pretty cool

cause you’ll be smelling real cash in return.


In the real estate world, there are a handful of ways to make income. I’m going to discuss about two of them. I will

save the rest for future articles cause I will be delving deeper as time unfolds. This article is for beginners who are

starting out in real estate. It doesn’t matter if you’re a thousandnaire or a millionaire, with little finance and the

right knowledge, you’ll be able to invest and make money.


This is the most common and popular. This type deals with the income you get from landed rental property. It

could be an apartment or office complex that you give out for rent.

When some people hear about real estate, they envision lots of similar buildings on a wide land mass which is

typical the government way.


This perception is wrong cause you as an individual doesn’t need to build hundreds of building on same land mass to answer a real estate investor. If you have any property that’s affixed to land, then you’re a potential investor.


Look around, lots of people are homeless. Many are wondering from place to place, looking for a space to rent and

they won’t mind paying any amount for it.


There are organisations looking for an office complex to occupy. This is a problem and an opportunity. If you can solve this problem, you’ll definitely smile to the bank as reward.


I have receive lots of mails from my readers, asking for investment ideas that they can do with 10 million naira. The

most recent mail I got have about 20 million naira in the bank and i was like, WHAT! What’s holding you? One

major fear is losing the money which is very normal. In real estate, you won’t have to worry about risk.


It’s not risk-proof, it’s not Ponzi either. You’ll make real money if you drive into this.

Cash flow income isn’t only the money gotten from assets like residential buildings, it could come from a store

shop, a warehouse, an office complex which is usually labeled ‘commercial real estate investing.’ It can come from

any landed property you give out for rent.


Real estate Nigeria Starting this is like you trying to build your own building. Just that you won’t be living in it this

time. Some real estate investors buy, but it’s more costly but easier cause you won’t have to worry about running

around for the finishing of the building.



You can do this with little or no capital at all. All you have to do is act as a real estate agent or middle man, then

enjoy the real estate income which comes in form of commission. Pretty easy right? In other words, you can help

manage a real-estate investment and get a commission for it.


That is, helping the real investor take care of his asset, even the day to day operation and at the end, get a commission.


However, this route isn’t roses.


As an agent, you’ll need a licence to operate. It’s also advisable to have another

stream of income as backup while starting out. This is because you might not start making sales right away.

You can get a mentor or get a broker who’s successful in this business. Their tips will guide you as a beginner.


The advantage of being a real estate agent is that you don’t need huge amount of money to start. One thing that has made people successful in their chosen careers is the determination and will to survive.


It’s that urge that will make you to study more and more about the market and how to survive as an investor.

If you need an idea on how to get the finance needed to start, READ THIS.


The real estate world is a world of money.


They are the ones who are free when taxes are raised. They are the one

who knows what freedom is. The money from real estate investment is enough to see you through old age without

relying on the government for retirement benefits. Real estate, especially here in Nigeria is a goldmine you

shouldn’t overlook.

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