How To Start A Makeup Business

How To Start A Makeup Business

A freelance makeup artist here in Nigeria make mouth gulping amount after every service. Time has gone when

this business was left exclusively for the ladies. I see young strong able bodied youths competing with the ladies.

They are surprisingly doing fine in this business and the results are evident. Famous male makeup artists like

Jeffree Star, Jay Manuel, Jide of Stole (Nigerian) and numerous others are prove that the makeup industry is no

child’s play.

A reader nearly sue me simply because almost 80% of my ‘how to start business‘ articles are meant for the

male gender. I was like, ‘Hell no…it’s not’ The argument reminded me the female Nigeria mechanics. Their story is

inspiring and will soon write about them.

Makeup business is a highly demanding business cause everyday, there’s always an event that will require a

professional makeup artist. Ranging from weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, photo shoots etc.. Irrespective of

your gender, you can do this business and be glad you did. With enough finance, you can delve into large-scale,

get a complex, employ professionals and watch your pocket get fatter. A wedding makeup can cost as high as

N250,000. Don’t scream please, that’s just a tip.




If you don’t have any makeup skills, then this should be the stage where you get some. Even if you do have the

skill, going for a training will also be wise in other to fine-tune your skills and give it a magic polish.

make up transformation

Some professional makeup artist can be ridiculous with training fee, but if you’re serious, looking for one you can

afford should be your priority. I’ve heard of a handful of professional makeup artist who learnt the skill just by

watching tutorials on YouTube. So, YouTube should be a popular hangout for you as a beginner. Currently,

YouTube have a feature where you can save a video for offline usage. This will surely help you manage your bundle

data without having them zapped away.



Building your makeup kit can be very draining, especially to your finance. As a starter, you don’t have to acquire all

the products at once. Make it a gradual process and you won’t feel the impact a bit.

TAKE NOTE: Many clients look at your makeup kit as a reflection of your experience.

makeup kits

Full Brush Set and Brush Cleanser
Minimum 4 Liquid Foundations (you can mix to get the perfect shade)
Setting Powder (control shine)
Minimum 15 Eyeshadows Depending on Skin Tone (palette form will save you space later)
Lipsticks/Gloss (don’t go crazy most brides will want to carry their own)
Mascara (waterproof)
Eyeliner (black/brown)
False Lashes (assortment)
Skin Care (do not ignore, very important to achieve that flawless skin)
Primer (need to smooth out texture in the skin and control shine)
Tools – Eyelash Curler, Lash Glue, Sponges, Spatula, Tester Wands
Please, remember to always go for quality. Fake products in the markets are alarming. Quality should be your uttermost aim cause this will keep you in business.



Choosing a business name might look like an easy task at the surface, but when you engage in the act, you’ll

discover how daunting it is to get the perfect name for your business.

Choose a name that’s memorable and easy to pronounce. Try as much as possible to get a name that reflects what

the business is all about. Beauty should be the first thing that comes to mind when it’s mentioned.



Remember, you don’t need to rush this at all if finance is an issue. Just delve slowly into every step. However, your

business card must not be mater the reason. Take this seriously cause it speaks when no one

speaks. How professional your card looks is what attracts clients. Remember, first impression matters. There are

many ways to get a business card done. You either;

• Hire a professional
• Use an online templates
• or order pre-made cards online.
… You can even make them yourself if you have a graphic skill.

Don’t forget to make sure your address and contact details are boldly written on the card for easy contact.



You’ve got the skill and the kit, the only thing standing on the way now is awareness. Head out and start

marketing yourself. Start from the people you know, like families and friends. That will surely be a good start. This

business is very competitive, engaging in word of mouth can go a long way into gaining you an exposure.

In this era of technology, gaining exposure have been made easier if you play your card well. Update your facebook

wall and talk about the service you offer. Having thousands of friends isn’t for fancy. They are potential clients.

Getting a facebook page is also another step in creating a brand. With facebook Ad, you expose your business the more.



No matter what you do, keep building up your portfolio. Your potential clients aren’t going to ask about your

school degree or report card, they are going to ask for your portfolio. Your portfolio is like a CV as long as the makeup industry is concerned.


Gather all your terrific makeup photos and upload them on your facebook page or blog. Getting a hard-copy album is also good for offline. As a beginner, focus on building your portfolio even if it means making-up for free. It’s also part of advertising.


Make up is an art, an art that brings out the beauty in every living creature. Watching makeup transformation images is a sure way to getting inspired. Frankly, this business allows you to put smiles on faces, people who thought they can never get more beautiful than they already are. As they smile, your bank account smile in return.

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