What If You Didn’t Achieve Anything Last Month?

I’m not usually kind to myself and I know it. I worry so much that sometimes, I push myself beyond my own

natural perimeter just to escape mediocrity. I worry that my writing style sucks..


I worry that many of my readers will feel like “What’s this dude writing?” I have got lots of complaints, especially from my foreign readers saying that I need to brush up my writing skills, that I’m not up to standard.


In-as-much as I don’t have a degree in literary studies, I still feel compelled to deliver, to pass a message that ends up helping my readers.


Last month was great, despite all criticisms and depression, I was able to pull through. Maybe you did too. Do you

have this feeling that you didn’t do anything significant last month? You’re not alone.


I feel overwhelmed by that daunting feeling.


However, I know it’s a lie. I did made a difference and I’m sure you did too. Sometimes we need to overlook that weak voice in our head, telling us that we failed. We need to look beyond criticisms and behold the bigger picture.


No matter how bad we suck, we should never give up on that dream that defines who we are.


There was a study done in a hospital, a study of 100 elderly people, facing death close to their last breath. They

were asked to reflect on their life’s biggest regrets. Nearly all of them said, they regretted not what they did, but what they didn’t do.


The risk they never took, the dreams they didn’t pursue. Sometimes, death is not what people fear most. What we fear most is getting to the end of life only to realise that we never truly live. It’s getting to the end of life to realise that we didn’t live our life, we wasted our years, living the dream of another.


The popular Beyoncé was once told by critics that she can’t sing. The last time I watched her perform, I think I was

blown away by the energy she exhibit despite her pregnancy.


She’s now a star in something she was told she sucks at. If you’re the type that always worry about what people say, you will never truly be happy.


What do you feel is your life purpose? What ignites that spark? What brings out the uniqueness in you? No matter

how many billions you make in life, you’ll never ever be fulfilled if you’re living outside your purpose.


Imagine yourself, in your death-bed, what will your regrets be? What opportunities will you wish you have

exploited? You know them, wake up and start taking action now. Last month is gone, this month is another month

to make a difference.


This is the month where you kick off. This is the month were you stop procrastinating and start that dream business.

Self doubt have killed more dreams than failure ever did. It has destroyed lots of greatness and stuck them in the

grave. Self doubt is the latest dream killer at the moment.


Overcome it and you’ll soar higher than you ever imagine. Whatever you can see in your mind, will definitely become a reality if it stays longer. This is one universal secret known only to the few. Think it, see it, feel it, and it will have no choice than to come to you.

Nothing is impossible.


The only limit is only the one placed by you. Grab your diary, write what you want to

achieve this month.


Writing it down helps a lot, trust me. It could be starting that business you have planned for

months. It could be taking that opportunity that scares you the most. It could be facing that giant that has left you

in mediocrity.


– Martin Luther King
Well life for none of us has been a crystal clear, but we must keep moving, we must keep going. If you can’t fly,

run. We you can’t run, walk. If you can’t walk, crawl but by all means, keep moving!

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