How To Make Money Producing Cassava Flakes (Garri)

How To Make Money Producing Cassava Flakes (Garri)

Garri processing business is the hottest cake in town and I’ve every reason to say that. Going by the recent trends, this business can pull over a million naira within months if done well.

Here in Umuahia, Abia State, three (3) cups of Garri is N200. Think of how much you’ll make if you were able to produce a half bag, or perhaps one bag.

Here in Nigeria, a family of four will have to buy about 8 cups of Garri for dinner. A family of 6 will definitely go for more and the possibilities of making mind-blowing gains after harvest is very high. Garri is one of the best predominant food in Nigeria, usually used to eat soup.

It can also be eaten in form of flakes. Sadly, no one talks about Garri processing business whenever business is been discussed , and they forgot that it’s a commodity that every home can’t do without.

Garri processing
Garri with Egusi soup
Howndo make money producing Garri in Nigeria
Garri flakes

Before the recession, 8 cups of Garri was N100. When recession kicked in, 1 cup was nearly sold for N100 and guess what? People kept buying the produce despite the enormous price. I thought they will go for another alternative, but I was wrong.

Entrepreneurship is not about starting a business, it’s about solving a need. It’s about filling a space that’s empty. It’s about grasping opportunities. In this article, I’m going to tell you how you can start the business and make an amazing gain.



To start this agribusiness and make enough gain in your first harvest, you’ll need at least 2 plots of land that has a healthy loamy soil. Any site is best as long as there’s free access.


This is the first step after acquiring the land. You can do It yourself or pay a labourer to handle it. It depends on how much you’re willing and ready to invest as input. Having a business plan helps tremendously. When clearing the land, it’s not advisable to burn the remains cause it kills micro organisms in the soil that helps for proper aeration. Farm burning have also been proven to decrease soil fertility and its water-holding capacity, thereby causing erosion when it rains. Avoid it at all cost.


This is usually done by hired labourers and sometimes, they can be unreasonable with price. It’s left for you to negotiate and determine whether to forge ahead or not. Tilling a plot of land will cost about N3,000 – N6,000.


This is your cassava to be. A healthy and high yield cassava breed is always on the recommendation list. Have in mind that they must be resistant to disease. You can buy this cassava stems directly from another farm and plant. After your first harvest, you won’t need to buy them again cause the stems are kept after being harvested.


The cassava stems will have to be cut, at least 10 inches long and stuck into the ridges or beds. Per bed might contain about 3 to 4 stems of cassava.

In your farm, you might want to consider planting other crops like cover crops to help replenish the soil nutrients and tackle erosion.


Cassava plant stay over 6 months before maturity depending on the breed. You might want to harvest all the cassava at once, it all depend solely on you. When harvested, processing the Garri becomes the next phase. For people who have at least N2million to invest, acquiring the processing machines will set you further in the business.


The cassava processing plant is a 5.HP capacity machine and can produce five (5) tons of grated cassava tubers. The major machinery required in the production of garri is the:

Grating machine
Hydraulic pres
Some basic equipment include knives/peelers, wheelbarrow, basins, etc.

The machine in question produces high quality garri because most of the parts are made up of stainless steel.

This machine is best after processing, it doesn’t leave moisture thereby making it durability longer even when bagged.

Plant and Machinery – N400, 000
Accommodation – N200, 000
Utilities including project vehicle and generators – N850, 000
Working Capital – N200,000
= Estimated Total – N1, 650,000

But if you don’t have the capital to acquire the machine, going to a processing factory might be the only option you’ll have and it’s very cheap.

If the cassava is peeled today, you will have to grind it in the factory engine. When the moisture is well-drained, frying them becomes the next target.

frying Garri method


You can sell in bags or in paints. All you need is to discover your target market and supply to their demand. It’s very essential to know the method of processing they need. For example, Ijebu Garri is different from Hausa Garri. Same with every other Garri depending on how they were processed. Discover the best method and stick to it.

If you have any question, pleasure use the comment box.

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