How To Start A Very Successful Barbing Salon In 2021

How To Start A Barbing Salon In Nigeria

I can’t imagine the amount of money that leaves my account each time I visit a barbing salon. These guys are artistic millionaires and I have every reason to say that. Many people have definitely look down on this business and guess what.. These barbers are glad.


They really don’t want unnecessary competition. They might seem impoverish and dirty with their apron, but they make a minimum of N10,000 daily. Remember I said minimum; this means they make much more than you and I can even imagine.

Let’s do a little maths here. I visit the salon every week and in every visit, I spend not less than N300 trying to keep those hairs in shape. I know of individuals who visit the salon every three days.


Let’s say a barber get about 30 customers or more daily. So, N300 x 35 customers is definitely N10,500. Some barbers get about 50 customers daily and that’s when you will see them employing an extra staff to help.

No matter how stubborn you are, you can never stop patronizing them. This business is something anyone can do and make huge amount of money monthly. It’s not technical as long as you’ve mastered the craft.


As usual, let’s go into details on how to start this lucrative business and be millionaires within a year. It’s not rocket science. It’s something that can easily be done if the chess is well-played.


This is the first step. Get a reputable barber around, one who’s experienced and ready to teach you the art. This is the stage where you have to humble yourself beyond the word itself, whether you’re a graduate or not. You’ve an aim here, stay focus and see it realized.

You might be required to pay some money or bring some items like beer or something similar. It’s like a culture here in Nigeria when trying to bring in an apprentice.

Your training might be 6 months or a year. Don’t be in a hurry.. Your success in this business is based on how good your barbing skills are.

If a customer isn’t satisfied with your service, he will definitely not come back again. But if you do this well, you’re indirectly running an advert which will inadvertently pull in more customers.


You’ll need a location that’s close or near to potential customers. Get a shop around a busy road or a place that’s easily accessible by people.

The more strategic the location is, the more customers you’re able to pull in daily. Make sure it’s in a spacious area so that customers with cars can easily park and have a hair cut.


This is something you must not overlook. I visited a new barbing salon last week and frankly, I was impressed. The shop was furnished with lots of equipment. The four walls were covered with mirrors and the AC made me feel at home. The soft chairs made me to sleep off momentarily.

Take a look at other barbing shops around, then make yours to look outstanding and awesome. Television and a music stereo should not be lacking. These are used to keep customers waiting till their turn to have a cut reach.


Choosing a name for your salon might not be a problem. But having a good name that’s memorable and strikes a chord can go a long way into setting you apart. I saw one the other day, the name was ‘Baptism Boy’ and I can’t help but grin broadly. I don’t think I will ever forget the name.

So, get a name that suits your business. It might be your nickname or something everyone can relate to. Get a sign post and have it written boldly.


It’s now time to tell your friends and relatives. Tell them to start patronage. Ask them for recommendation. Don’t wait for long.. Start opening the shop. Initially, the number of customers might not be impressive, but if you’re able to satisfy a customer, then be best assured he’s going to advertise for you.

Sometimes they don’t even need to talk, your hair cut will speak for you. It’s like carrying a signboard around. That’s why you have to make sure you master the skill before going ahead to set up your own business.


  •  You can do die services which is about N400
  • You can sell clippers, shaving sticks, shaving powder etc..
  • You can also sell body or hair creams of different kinds.

…there are numerous ways to make money from your shop. Do this well and you’ll be a millionaire is six months.

Barbing salon business is a business opportunity you need to give a thought. If you have the finance but doesn’t want to undergo any form of training, you can set it up and employ capable hands who were unable to start theirs due to financial constraints. The more your business grows, the more you’ll need to employ more workers. Start small and grow big.

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